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Many Parents Seek Medication-Free Alternatives

Using proven natural treatments developed over 2000 years ago, a local acupuncturist is providing sought after relief to seacoast children suffering from asthma, allergies, digestive complaints, skin disorders and other ailments. Parents dealing with the use of long term prescription medications with their children are increasingly seeking out the gentleness of acupuncture to provide relief without the negative effects oftentimes caused by medications. 

According to Licensed Acupuncturist Lisa Rothermich, of Gentle Currents Acupuncture Clinic in Greenland, NH, children frequently respond quickly and dramatically to acupuncture treatment. Indeed, a recent study conducted at Children’s Hospital in Boston and published in Pediatrics revealed that 70% of the children who received acupuncture reported that the treatments had helped their symptoms 

“Many parents are concerned about the negative effects that medications have on their children’s behavior and energy level, especially with long term medications such as those used for allergies or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD),” says Ms. Rothermich. Oftentimes, medications used to treat symptoms can lower a child’s energy, make them feel tired and affect their disposition.

Michelle McElreath of Hampton, NH was dealing with these symptoms with her 7 year-old son Justin when she brought him to see Ms. Rothermich. Ms. McElreath relates: “Justin had fairly serious seasonal allergies and asthma since he was 2 years old. He had dark circles under his eyes, his energy was low most of the time and he had frequent flare-ups of asthma that required him to use a medicated inhaler every 4 hours. He was also taking prednisone (a powerful steroidal medication) that made him lethargic and withdrawn.”

Justin’s parents decided to try acupuncture treatments. “Acupuncture works with the energy that flows through meridians or pathways in our body connecting our organs and systems together,” explains Rothermich. “When the energy along these pathways becomes imbalanced in some way, we experience discomfort, pain and disease. An acupuncturist gently places a few very thin, barely detectable needles at precise points along these meridians. The result is that the energy that was once stuck is allowed to flow freely, just like a mountain stream that has an obstruction removed. The freed energy restores balance, reduces pain, and aids healing.” 

We saw improvements with Justin every week” reports Ms. McElreath. “His energy level and alertness increased dramatically. Where he was once withdrawn and a couch potato, now he was out playing with his friends and interacting with others. The difference in his behavior prompted the school nurse to call because they noticed that he was trying new things, concentrating better, and was more outgoing and self confident.” continues Ms. McElreath. “And from the first day we went to see Lisa, Justin has stopped taking the inhaler.”

“Children of all ages respond very well to acupuncture” says Ms. Rothermich. Holly Grimes, of York ME was in for a treatment herself when she related that her 3 month old infant daughter was experiencing projectile vomiting and stomach issues. “Instead of needles, Lisa placed several small magnets on the acupuncture points,” remembered Ms. Grimes. “The magnets calmed her down. She became more settled, was more comfortable and her colicky discomfort and spitting up completely stopped.”

“Treatment with young children does not have to be done with needles,” Rothermich explains. “These treatments typically use the small magnets at the acupuncture points or a procedure called ‘shoni shin’ in which the area around the point is ‘combed’ or gently scraped. Acupuncture treatment using either magnets or very fine needles is very comfortable and pleasant for children. 

Although the discipline of acupuncture has existed for more than 2000 years, Western society is just starting to awaken to the natural, healing benefits that this ancient form of medical treatment provides. The healing properties of this ancient medical practice are continually being verified by clinical studies by Western medical researchers including Harvard Medical School. 

“We know the difficult choices that many parents deal with when their children are experiencing pain, discomfort or the side effects of medications,” says Rothermich. “As a way to help these parents help their children, Gentle Currents Acupuncture Clinic is offering two free seminars entitled “Acupuncture Treatment for Healthier Children.”

The sessions will be held on Tuesday July 23rd and Wednesday August 14th at 7:00 at Gentle Currents Acupuncture Clinic. To receive more information about healthy alternatives for your children and to reserve your space for the session, contact Gentle Currents Acupuncture Clinic at 603-436-6883.


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