The Acupuncture Experience


I came for muscle pain in my neck (left side) radiating to the left arm and hand, along with tingling in my arm -- two years since it started. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was a 7 when I started treatment, a -1 when it concluded. The experience has side benefits to help the body and mind heal. --Cynthia

I came to quit smoking. It definitely eased the stress of quitting. I tried cold-turkey before without success. My wife even commented on how easily I coped with normally stressful situations. --José

I brought my daughter for migraines. The pain started at a 10 level. After a treatment it would take a few more hours then be gone. It has been wonderful for my daughter. I recommended it to dozens of people. --Valerie

I came for carpal tunnel syndrome. Treatment itself is painless and very relaxing. The results, though gradual, are rewarding. --Lee

I came in with chronic sinus infections and allergies. The outcome was excellent! I'd had seven sinus infections the year before I had acupuncture treatment. Since the treatment (three years ago) I have not had any sinus infections and my allergy symptoms have been limited and very manageable. --JA

May 19, 2000

Dear Lisa: 

I wanted to thank you for what you’ve done for me...

When I originally came to you it was to stop smoking. As we talked about my health I disclosed the torture I endured with regards to PMS. Every month I would suffer severe fatigue and depression for the four days of my menstruation cycle. I would get painful tenderness, cramps and lower back pain. I would be woefully sad and experience crying jags often. It was debilitating to my life. I would get so depressed and tired I couldn’t get out of bed. I would miss work and didn’t care about anything. I couldn’t function. I would cry at work or just driving in the car for no reason. I had suicidal thoughts. This only happened to me during “that time of the month”. 

Since my treatments with you I am ecstatic to report that I have not experienced any of the previously mentioned symptoms! None! I am totally free of the misery. I can’t thank you enough! 

Warmest regards, Kathy

Dear Lisa,

I wanted to take this opportunity to relate the success we achieved in treating my constipation, eczema and anxiety with acupuncture. It is my hope that other people suffering from similar problems might read this and be encouraged to seek relief through acupuncture.

After no immediate response, you adjusted where you placed the needles and I am thrilled to say that things began to improve at once and the progress since has been sure and steady. My bowels are moving almost daily, the eczema has cleared up so well that I don’t even recognize my own hands and the anxiety has disappeared. This has been quite remarkable for me, having been limited my adult life because of these issues. Resolving any one of the problems would have been a blessing but to have success treating all three has been extraordinary. I feel like a new person and I thank you for making this possible.

With sincere gratitude,


Dear Lisa Rothermich,

I would like to share my experience of acupuncture treatments performed by Lisa Rothermich, licensed acupuncturist. I had a traumatic experience happen in my life recently, which triggered my anxiety/depression levels. I went to her in hopes of finding a cure for it, or at least to make it easier to deal with. I am not one to take medication and wanted to deal with my issues in a more natural way, so I turned to Lisa for treatment.

I have to say that this is the best decision that I have made in a long time and I am glad that I did it. I can continue on with my daily activities without feeling anxious and depressed. This is important to me as I am an avid runner and exercise on a daily basis. I am now able to do these activities without feeling interrupted.

Before treatment, I would do these activities, but would feel anxious most days. I continued to do the activities anyway as I still felt that this is one way to cope with my anxiety as exercise reduces stress. She has made my life much easier by eliminating a lot of my anxiety issues.

Lisa is very professional and welcomes you with her warm smile and gentle touch. It is obvious that she truly cares about her patients/clients as she consistently communicated with me to ensure that I was relaxed and comfortable during my treatment. I highly recommend anyone who has anxiety/depression issues to consider acupuncture for treatment by Lisa. I had a wonderful experience and plan on going for consistent treatments to maintain my reduced anxiety, so that I am able to live a better quality of life. I would like to personally thank Lisa for providing such a positive energy in my life when I needed it the most.


Angela Ross

Many conditions, both physical and emotional, respond very well to acupuncture treatment. If you have any questions regarding a problem you are having, please call.