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Gentle Currents' practitioners offer excellent wellness services (if we do say so ourselves).  This site offers information on acupuncture and therapeutic massage practitioners and services.  Follow the navigation links at left to learn more...and check out Lisa's videos!


Community Acupuncture Days and Dates

~ first and third Thursdays

 ~ second and fourth Fridays

Community Acupuncture offers treatments in an open, shared healing environment at a reduced rate. The charge for treatments at the Clinic is $40/session. (For more information, click here.)


January, 2016 Thursday Clinic Dates:

January 7th - 3 to 6 pm

January 21st - 3 to 6 pm

January, 2016 Friday Clinic Dates

January 15th - 3 to 6 pm

January 29th - 3 to 6 pm ~ No clinic

February Thursday Clinic Dates:

February 4th - 3 to 6 pm

February 18th - 3 to 6 pm.

February Friday Clinic Dates

February 12th - 3 to 6 pm

February 26th - 3 to 6 pm

March Thursday Clinic Dates:

March 3rd - 3 to 6 pm

March 17th - 3 to 6 pm

March Friday Clinic Dates

March 11th - 3 to 6 pm

March 25th - 3 to 6 pm

April Thursday Clinic Dates:

April 7th - 3 to 6 pm

April 21st - 3 to 6 pm

April Friday Clinic Dates

April 1st - 3 to 6 pm

April 15th - 3 to 6 pm

April 29th - 3 to 6 pm [Note: 3 Friday Clinics in April]

Practitioners/Practices at Gentle Currents

Gentle Currents Acupuncture Clinic

Lisa Rothermich, Lic.Ac., Director

Acupuncture is increasingly accepted as a form of complementary health care.  Lisa was one of the founding members of the Board of Acupuncture Licensing in New Hampshire.  Check Lisa's pages for details about her acupuncture practice, including testimonials.  She has been in practice since 1991.

Beth Ann Schmitt, M.Ac.; Lic.Ac

Beth Ann graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture and received her license to practice in New Hampshire during the summer/fall of 2009.  She holds a dual degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese Acupuncture. To learn more about Beth Ann, click on the link above.


Learn about acupuncture TREATS -- Tomorrow's Relaxing & Energizing Acupuncture Tune-up Sessions.

Offices Available

Offices at Gentle Currents are now somewhat available. If you or someone you know is looking for space in which to locate her or his practice, consider Gentle Currents. See Offices for more information. To arrange a tour to see the Center and the Sunrise Room office, contact Lisa Rothermich at 603-436-6883.

Elements at Gentle Currents


Jan Hummel:  Licensed Therapeutic Massage

Jan Hummel has practiced at Gentle Currents as a licensed massage therapist since 1998 and is licensed both in Maine and New Hampshire.  In addition to massage therapy, Jan offers Raindrop Therapy and Hot Stone Therapy.  Jan also offers hand-made massage oils using only therapeutic grade (the highest grade) essential oils.

~Lisa Rothermich and David Phreaner, Founders and Co-Directors